Installing Elements for Compiz Fusion


Elements is a plugin for Compiz Fusion 0.7.4 which integrates all the features of the popular Snow, Autumn, Fireflies, and Stars plugins, plus an all new feature, Bubbles. Written from the ground-up with only open source software, Elements is designed to be free, fast, and fun. It’s also fully customizable. You want flower petals falling in spring? Draw the petals and use them with the Autumn feature. Want to have toasters flying towards you at warp speed? Take a picture of your toaster and use it with the Stars feature. Feel really adventuresome? Take a look at the code and make it your own. Elements is completely free and released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Download Elements script from here

Once you downloaded you need to install this using the following command

bash ./

This will complete the installation

Uninstall Elements Plugin

If you want to uninstall elements plugin follow this procedure

cd ~/.elements
sudo make uninstall
make clean
compiz --replace &amp