Algorithm Code Library ( C++ )


 * Bidhan Roy
 * University of Dhaka

using namespace std;
#include <bits/stdc++.h>

#define foreach(i,n) for(__typeof((n).begin())i =(n).begin();i!=(n).end();i++)
#define sgn(x,y) ((x)+eps<(y)?-1:((x)>eps+(y)?1:0))
#define rep(i,n) for(__typeof(n) i=0; i<(n); i++)
#define mem(x,val) memset((x),(val),sizeof(x));
#define rite(x) freopen(x,"w",stdout);
#define read(x) freopen(x,"r",stdin);
#define all(x) x.begin(),x.end()
#define sz(x) ((int)x.size())
#define sqr(x) ((x)*(x))
#define pb push_back
#define mp make_pair
#define clr clear()
#define inf (1<<30)
#define ins insert
#define xx first
#define yy second
#define eps 1e-9

typedef long long i64;
typedef unsigned long long ui64;
typedef string st;
typedef vector<int> vi;
typedef vector<st> vs;
typedef map<int,int> mii;
typedef map<st,int> msi;
typedef set<int> si;
typedef set<st> ss;
typedef pair<int,int> pii;
typedef vector<pii> vpii;

#define mx 0

int main(){
    return 0;

2. Geometry Codes
3. Graph Algorithm Codes
4. Math and Matrix related codes
5. Misc Codes
6. String Algorithm Codes
7. Sample Codes
8. Data Structures


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