Installing Elements for Compiz Fusion


Elements is a plugin for Compiz Fusion 0.7.4 which integrates all the features of the popular Snow, Autumn, Fireflies, and Stars plugins, plus an all new feature, Bubbles. Written from the ground-up with only open source software, Elements is designed to be free, fast, and fun. It’s also fully customizable. You want flower petals falling in spring? Draw the petals and use them with the Autumn feature. Want to have toasters flying towards you at warp speed? Take a picture of your toaster and use it with the Stars feature. Feel really adventuresome? Take a look at the code and make it your own. Elements is completely free and released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Download Elements script from here

Once you downloaded you need to install this using the following command

bash ./

This will complete the installation

Uninstall Elements Plugin

If you want to uninstall elements plugin follow this procedure

cd ~/.elements
sudo make uninstall
make clean
compiz --replace &amp

Installing windows softwares on Ubuntu 10.04


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Linux is the one of the best open source operating system but most of the linux user faces the problem of installing windows exe (executable files) in linux. There is always question in their mind how to install some windows application in linux operating system. Previously user have no alternatives as linux doesn’t support exe files. Therefore user have to find the alternative of the problem that is in linux platform. Now with Ubuntu 10.04 user can run exe files easily with the help of application called wine.
1. Download ubuntu 10.04 and install in your computer if you don’t have it.

2. After installing it go to Application then choose Ubuntu software center from drop down menu.

3. Search wine in Ubuntu support center and click on install.

4. After installing it go to any windows exe file , right click on it and choose Open with wine window program loader. Then the set up fill will execute and you can successfully install windows exe file in ubuntu 10.04

Screenshot of windows exe fileon Linux Ubuntu 10.4

Open the terminal, and cd into the directory where the .EXE is located.
Type wine the-name-of-the-application.extension (e.g. wine realplayer.exe).

nVidia Driver installation in Ubuntu 10.04


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So I have been playing with 10.04 for last few days on my Intel® Core™ i7 and I must say I am enjoying it very much! One change I made however was changing over to the 64bit version of the Ubuntu and as such I installed the PAE kernel modules so I could use my four full gigs of RAM on the system still. I had everything configured and all was going well until the fateful kernel update…
Upon upgrading to 2.6.32-21 I rebooted to that wonderus “Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode” message I have seen oh so many times before. I load up the system in 800×600 resolution and and try to reinstall the nVidia drivers from the hardware drivers menu – only to see nothing was offered. Not a problem, I download the .run file from nVidia and attempt to install it. Installer fails with a kernel module error. After having a thread go nowhere on the Ubuntu boards for a couple of days I was able to work out the solution on my own. The issue seems to come from a combination of the new open source nVidia driver 10.04 is using by default and the kernel change I recently went through. The following is what worked for me:

Go download the nVidia drivers for your system and install the packages build-essential and linux-headers-`uname -r`

Drop down to a terminal login and kill your X server

Install your nVidia driver, but when you run the install add the launch argument –k $(uname -r) Example: sudo sh NVIDIA*.run -k $(uname -r)

We need to blacklist the FOSS nouveau driver, run sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and add blacklist nouveau to any point in the file.

Reboot the system and you should be good to go! Enjoy.